বাড়ি থেকে ফেরা | A Joyous Return

বাড়ি থেকে ফেরা | A Joyous Return


We aimed to explore an untapped idea, creating a compelling narrative about the culture of departing after the Eid vacation from home and evoking the emotions of those who leave their beloved ones behind. We recognized the significance of the post-celebration situation.


Our intention was to portray the raw emotions of leaving family behind and show how to transform their grief into joy by sharing love. Food is a universal language of affection. When people return with homemade foods, it becomes a symbol of love and cherished memories. Sharing these meals with others acts as a reminder of their own families waiting at home. It aids in moving forward and embracing the life they’re about to live until the next holiday.


TEER, a beloved brand cherished in Bangladesh for over four decades, has woven itself into the very fabric of people’s lives. With a legacy of providing the purest food essentials across generations, TEER has become an indispensable part of their daily existence. Seamlessly integrating into significant occasions, the brand has forged a profound bond of affection with people. Nourishing not only their bodies but also their hearts, TEER stands as a constant symbol of the love and connection shared through food.

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